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Safety Floor Tape Marking 5s Shapes

Why do you need Safety 5s Floor Shapes?

Sometimes, visual communications are very important in public and work locations as indications for divisions, hazards, traffic, safety, and other mandatory instructions. Floor markings like signs and shapes are very difficult to paint every time on different surfaces. Hence, companies like Mighty Line make floor tapes in the form of shapes that can be used and removed easily. Thus, making it easy for people to understand navigation and safety cues. All you have to do is peel and stick the shape.

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What kind of floor shapes does Mighty Line provide?

Different shapes are required for different indications and hints in warehouses, machinery, safety areas, etc. Some of the floor shapes that Mighty Line provides are listed as follows.

  • Angles
  • T's
  • Dots
  • Segments
  • Footprints
  • Arrows

Arrow shapes are required for navigation. Angles and T's are required for directions and pallet markings. Footprints are required to hint where workers or pedestrians can walk. Dots are required to indicate busy or loading dock aisles. Floor shapes are extremely easy to use and are manufactured using high-quality, top-grade industrial material. They can withstand heavyweight, traffic, water and chemicals. The 5s shapes come with 3 years warranty, easy installation, and a variety of styles, colors like yellow, blue, red, black and many more sizes. They are durable and cost-effective.


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