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COVID-19 Safety Floor Marking Products - Social Distancing Floor Marking

With the rise of COVID-19 or the Coronavirus, it is very important to maintain good hygiene and human separation within the workplace. When it is impossible to work from home to support your business, it is very important to take special precautions in the work place. 

With some helpful floor markings and floor signs, the workplace can keep workers healthy while preventing further spread of a virus. It is important that workers wash their hands properly. It is also very important that workers maintain social separation rules whenever possible. 

Please consider using Safety Floor Tape shapes and signs to keep your employees healthy. During flu seasons and virus outbreaks, it is very important to stay calm and to follow government health safety recommendations. 

For more helpful tips on preventing the spread of viruses in the office or warehouse, please refer to OSHA's very helpful guide: OSHA3990 Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19.