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Warehouse Safety Heavy Duty Ram Guard Rack Protector

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Superior Column Protection

RAM Guard Rack Protector Advantages

  • Protects rack structures from frontal, angled and side impacts
  • Significantly lowers impact damage to pallet rack columns
  • Reduce peak stress in a column by 72%
  • Requires no hardware or straps to retain the guard on column
  • Endures many impacts with no loss of performance
  • Significantly outperforms most plastic guards commonly used today
  • Absorbs more potential energy than plastic or metal
  • Help create a safer warehouse environment

Warehouse Safety Products RAMGuard Rack Protector provides superior rack column protection with its patent-pending Rubber Armored Metal design. Molded of energy absorbing rubber with a "U-shaped" steel insert and force distributing rubber voids, RAM Guard absorbs significantly more energy during impact than most column protection devices offered today.

    Available in 12-inch heights, this rack protector snaps onto rolled or structural steel columns 3-inches wide and up to 3-inches deep.

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